Online Services and Events!

Hey, Astudia members! We are so excited to announce our newest online services. Whether you need help with academics or want to help make the world a better place, we've got something for you here. 
*Note: As of now, only members can access most online services so if you are interested, make your free account today!
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Our GenZCares Initiatives are a series of online initiatives that aim to bring light to world issues. We believe that change and progress start with young people, which is why these initiatives are student-run. By applying to become an ambassador for our initiatives, you will help us raise awareness and educate others, particularly young people, about important global issues while inspiring them to make a difference. Apply today!

Enjoying the View

Health program

Our mental health program is the combination of mental health workshops to educate and empower students with mental health research to combat stigma and increase general knowledge about the scientific processes behind mental illness. Click below to register for one of our mental health workshops for resources, opportunities, information, service hours, and a fun-filled, relaxing time! 

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Academic and

Youth Empowerment workshops

We are so excited to announce the launching of our newest online services: our academic and youth empowerment workshops! Learn about fascinating topics like youth entrepreneurship, genomics, astronomy, computer science, and more through our free online sessions! For attending each workshop, you can receive a certificate of completion and service hours. We hope you join us for these exciting educational opportunities. Fill out the registration form for our most recent educational workshop here!

*The sign-up link will be updated each time a new workshop is announced.

On a Video Call

Chat2Serve: take initiative and make a differencE!

Chat2Serve allows students to receive service hours by having conversations with, reading to, or communicating with people in their communities and beyond. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home via video chat. If you're a good communicator and you want to give back, Chat2Serve is for you!

Note: Chat2Serve will be expanding soon. We have a very exciting update coming up, please stay tuned!

Distance Learning



Our virtual tutoring and study session program allowed students to improve their grades by working with experienced, qualified tutors who are students themselves. If you would like a tutor, please click the button below to get started.


*We will be opening up a sign-up form for those who wish to interview to be a tutor shortly. If you would like to be a virtual tutor, stay tuned!

Teen study group


Pen Pals

We created our virtual pen pals program to help connect teens from around the world and to help combat loneliness and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can choose to write, video chat, or make pre-recorded videos for your pen pal. If you'd like a virtual pen pal, sign up for the program here!


Career Focus Groups

Each month, we focus on a new professional and a new career. To see this month's career focus group professional, check out our Instagram!  If you would like to submit a question for our professionals or nominate someone you know for an interview,  visit our Instagram page or our linktree, linked below.