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12 Signs That You're Friends With the Right Person

Friends play a very significant role in our lives; they celebrate all our moments of happiness and stay by our side during our times of sorrow. Friendship is the term for mutual understanding, shared between people when they embrace the flaws or negative sides of each other just like how they encompass each other’s positive attitude or good side. It is a very profound bond and will only stand when both put effort into keeping the friendship going. There are two types of friendships in this world, a healthy friendship, and an unhealthy friendship. It’s essential to have a healthy friendship because an unhealthy friendship can take a toll on us, both physically and mentally, so we must all make sure we are friends with the correct people. Here are few signs that show that your friend is a true friend:

1) They respect you

2) They are always by your side no matter what

3) True friends always believe in you and encourage you in everything you do

4) They will never let you down

5) Good friends tell you what is correct and what is not

6) They always notice and remember every minor detail

7) Your real friends celebrate your success like it is theirs

8) They are never jealous of your success or competitive with you

9) They will make time for you

10) They will always love you even after knowing your flaws

11) True friends are loyal to you

12) They always say things to your face instead of talking behind your back to make you realize you need to correct yourself.

True friendship comes with mutual respect, gratitude, and admiration for one another. Friendship is an opportunity to love, learn about yourself, and experience many fun things in life. Friends can help us cope with serious illnesses and encourage us to change or avoid unhealthy practices and make us better people. Friendship day is coming soon!! I hope all of you will be able to spend time with your friends on friendship day. You can make friendship bracelets for each other! If you live far away from your friend that is all right too, friends are never apart, maybe distance wise but never in heart!

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