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3 Ways to Earn Money During Quarantine

Quarantine has been painted as a terrible time, and don’t get me wrong, it has been for some. But, for many people, especially teens, it should be a time of self development, prosperity, and creativity. In fact, quaranting can also be a time of financial development. We’re always looking for options for pocket money and any small task or full-time job that will pay that extra $50 or $100. With spring break coming up for most of us, this would a perfect time to get to work to earn some extra money during quarantine. So today, I’d like to share with you 3 ways that teens can start earning money.

#1: Creating a Youtube Channel

Youtube is very well-known and reputable creative space where anyone can create an account and start posting content. If you have expertise in one area and want to spread the knowledge or are willing to entertain others through your videos, creating a channel and posting may just be the way for you to earn some extra money. I’m sure you have heard of those youtubers with 5 million subscribes hauling in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in paid partnerships and ad revenue, but let’s be clear: that is not realistic for everyone. Growing a successful Youtube channel can take extremely long, but if successful, can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Youtube requires that you have 1,000+ subscribers and 4,000+ hours of watch time on your videos within 1 year. Once you have hit that mark, you can monetize your channel, attach ads throughout your videos and earn money for the ads watched by viewers. Again, this idea may not deliver the money right away, but if you have that willingness to persevere, this could be extremely successful in the long run.

#2: Tutoring

Becoming a tutor can be quite lucrative (compared to how much the average teen makes) if you have the knowledge and time to focus you efforts in this area. With the current shutdown of the world, many students are struggling to learn all of the content they are being taught and many parents are in search of help for their children. To follow through with this method, I recommend creating a list of classes that you have previously taken or learned, narrow in on one’s you’re the most confident with, and reach out to people you know in search of clients needing help with that class. Start within your inner circle, but soon enough the recommendations will start spreading and you will attract more clients.

#3: Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

If you have a large following on any platform (Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.), Amazon Affiliate Marketing may just be the way for you to earn some extra money. The Amazon Affiliate Program works like this: once you sign up to become an Amazon Affiliate, you will search up links to items you want to “sell”. You take these links and post them on your platform. Followers might click on this link and buy the item you shared with them. If they do buy that item using your link, you get a small commision from Amazon (without any extra charge to the customer).

Overall, we need to look at quarantine as a time of opportunity. Teens must take advantage of the extra time we have. Earning our own money, whether it be $10 or $1000 is liberating, but even more importantly, teaches us the financial responsibility we need for our futures.

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