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4 Ways to Earn Money as a Teen- Youth Initiative/Empowerment

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Whether it is the new PS5 or to pay for college, teenagers have wants and needs just like everybody else. We are at a phase where our parents don’t completely take care of us, but we are also not allowed to be on our own. Unfortunately, this means that teens from the age of 13-17 are not of legal age to get a formal job that pays more than the minimum wage. Additionally, the events of the pandemic have made it even harder for teens to get hired. That is why today I will be telling you about 4 safe and pandemic-friendly ways to earn money as a teenager.

1) Sign up to be a virtual tutor

With students learning from home, the need for tutors has increased. Websites like (for ages 16 and up) allows you to tutor kids living in Singapore in the subjects English and science. For ages 13 and up, creating an online study group on zoom and spreading the word to family, friends, and kids at school can also help you make an income. Not only do you earn money for helping kids, but it is also an extracurricular to add to your college application.

2) Invest in the stock market

It is never too early to start investing money in the stock market. Investing is paying for a small piece of a company and waiting for your money to grow. When your stock’s price increases, you can sell it and earn some cash! Reliable stock apps include Stockpile, Ameritrade, and E-Trade. (If you are under the age of 18 then a custodial account is needed. Custodial accounts are held in your name but are run by a parent or legal guardian. Once you are 18, the assets in the account belong to you. )

3) Sell personal items

This is not the safest choice due to the pandemic- however, if you and your family members do not have COVID-19, then I highly suggest selling household items. If you are a talented artist, then designing or redesigning household items can help you earn some extra cash. Apps like Poshmark and Offer Up permit teens to sell their belongings and get paid through PayPal or CashApp. (You may need a parent’s help setting up PayPal or CashApp.)

4) Play Games, take surveys and go shopping.

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. Play games, fill out surveys, shop for clothes and earn money! Mistplay is an app for android users that rewards you with gift cards of your choice when you play games. You can earn money on fetch rewards by scanning your shopping receipt. Lastly, Survey Junkie sends you e-gift cards for answering surveys. (Note: Survey Junkie is not available in Canada, Australia, and California)

Each of these methods that I mentioned are safe and reliable ways to earn money. They also prevent physical contact with others and keep your personal information secure.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, be sure to check out our other blog posts!

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1 Comment

Sathvik Enturi
Sathvik Enturi
Jan 15, 2021

Love these ideas! Especially the stock investing!

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