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Book Recommendation: Cinder

Fiction is endless: authors think of new ideas and stories everyday and each idea can be the seed for a new book. There are many great fiction books and series I have read in my life, but only a few have truly captured my interest. I have narrowed my list down to one series: The Lunar Chronicles.

Cinder is the first book in the series. Cinder is a science fiction take on the beloved fairy tale Cinderella. The story is set in a futuristic world where technology has advanced way beyond what we can imagine in modern times. The book follows our main character Cinder, a teenage cyborg and mechanic, and her best friend, a robot trying to survive in a world that hates her kind. As the story unfolds she finds friendships, romance, and answers to secrets that could change the course of the world. There’s a ball, a bit of kissing and a whole lot of aliens.

Scarlet, the second book in this series, continues the story of Cinder and adds the story of Scarlet, an interpretation of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood. We find Scarlet in a futuristic France trying to navigate a life without her grandmother, who recently went missing. She knows that something is off with the disappearance and she is determined to know the truth. Scarlet meets a beastly young man, who seems to know more than he lets on, and sets out to find answers. There's tragedy, love, and a decent amount of howling.

Cress, the third book and a retelling of Rapunzel, continues the stories of Cinder and Scarlet while introducing our new character, Cress. We find Cress in her own “tower” just as Rapunzel is. She’s slightly mad and very eager to escape. She knows many secrets that could change the course of the tide in the intergalactic struggle between Earth and Luna, the country on the moon. Throughout the book, Cress finds true love-- or so it seems to her-- and many friendships along the way. There’s a workout dance routine, spaceships, and way too much hair.

In Winter, the series comes to an epic end. All of the story lines come together and contribute to an elaborate and exceptional tale. In this story, we follow Winter, a teenager with renowned beauty, on her journey and the journey of the others as they have a final showdown to try and end the intergalactic war. This book will make you either cry, laugh, or gasp in shock with every turn of a page. This book was the best ending to a series I have ever read. Every storyline was closed off perfectly and truly satisfied me. Consequently, I would recommend this series to not only fiction readers but any reader in general.

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