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De-stressing During Spring Break

Spring break is quickly approaching for many students, including myself. I, for one, could not be any happier about this. This school year has been unconventional to say the least; the COVID-19 pandemic has placed stresses upon both students and teachers alike that did not exist before. Thus, it is obvious that all of us deserve some downtime and reprieve from all the madness in the world. I have created a short list of things I do, and plan to do, this spring break to de-stress- hopefully, they’ll help you destress as well!

1. Read, read, read

I feel that I have gotten behind on my reading because of how busy I have been lately. Reading is a great way to escape this world, and enter another one, even if it is only for a brief period of time. The stresses of our world melt away, and I am able to take my mind off my stresses when I read.

2. Listen to music

Music is a known stress reliever, and it’s not hard to see why. Something about music cuts through all boundaries and affects all people. I will probably do this while doing what I call “emptying” my mind. This brings me to my next de-stressing strategy …

3. “Emptying” the mind

Some call this meditating, but I have always had trouble with meditation itself. However, the act of not focusing on anything in particular and letting the mind become empty is also a form of meditation. This is beneficial as it allows me to take my mind off any potential source of stress.

4. Play an instrument

While I have already mentioned listening to music, playing an instrument and creating music offers a different sort of stress relief. There is something gratifying about creating music that isn’t present when simply listening to music. I myself play the piano and violin, but have been unable to do so very often as of late. I plan on playing both of these instruments this spring break.

5. Get some fresh air

Whether it be through exercising or simply getting some fresh air to clear your head, going outside is a great way to de-stress. Vitamin D from the sun reduces the possibility of becoming depressed, and a small change of scenery is always refreshing.

6. Continue/start a hobby

Having a hobby is always a good source of stress relief. A hobby can be anything, but is something that one enjoys. Thus, one feels gratification from doing it as one is doing something that brings them joy. Feeling happy is a great way to eradicate stress.

7. Spending time with family

I have spent so much more time with my family since the start of the pandemic, but becoming closer to one’s family is never a bad thing. The closer one is to their family, the better they will be able to communicate and effectively get along with them, which is especially important during the pandemic. Stressed family members easily cause bad familial relationships, so relieve your worries together by doing some fun group activities.

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