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How to Have a Happy and Productive Summer

Like many other students, I am in the home stretch of the school year. AP tests are over, finals are over, and last assignments have been completed and turned in. All that is left now is a long stretch of summer. However, the start of summer vacation and the end of a school year do not mean an unproductive summer nor a boring, work-load heavy summer. After all, we all went through a year of school in the midst of a pandemic. Here are some ways to stay productive and have fun this summer.

1. Get a head start on your summer homework.

I'm sure no one wants to do more work, especially since AP tests have just passed. However, getting all necessary work done as soon as possible frees up time to have fun. Furthermore, the faster the pesky summer assignments are put behind yourself, the more time you will have without the stress of having to complete assignments. Continue to stay on top of things and get assignments done.

2. Take a break from assignments.

A continuous grind through assignments will only stress you out. Take care of your health: both mental and physical. Get off the device and away from your desk once in a while. A sound mind and body are necessary to be able to excel throughout the school year. So take that well-deserved break this summer.

3. Look into internships.

Internships are a great way to get work experience as well as community service hours. Interns-4-Good and other such organizations are great at providing internships for students. I, myself, obtained this position through Interns-4-Good. Look into local businesses and ask around as well. You never know where you may score an internship.

4. Study for SAT or ACT

The pandemic has made the scheduling for SATs and ACTs wonky. One needs to be proactive to be able to register to take the exam. Be ready to take either the SAT or ACT as soon as an opening is available by studying this summer. The better prepared you are, the better your chances are of getting a satisfactory score. Scoring well on the exam means that you do not have to worry about trying to register for another test date.

5. Tour college campuses.

Summer vacation is a great time to tour college campuses. Touring the campus allows you to get a feel for what student life is like and determine whether a school fits with yourself. This is also a great opportunity to go on a road trip and sight see a bit. Colleges might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when considering sight-seeing destinations, but many college campuses are quite pretty. It is also a great chance to get out of the house.

6. Engage yourself with hobbies.

No matter how productive one tries to be, it is inevitable that there will be pockets where you are left with nothing to do. Take that time and pick up a new hobby or try a new activity that you wanted to do, but were unable to due to a lack of time. Perhaps it is jigsaw puzzles, embroidery, painting, gaming, or reading that you enjoy: take initiative and do it.

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