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Iran’s Election (Also An Astudia Update)

The 13th presidential election since Iran’s revolution was held on June 18, 2021. The election had 4 candidates: Mohsen Rezaee, Abdolnaser Hemmati, Ebrahim Raisi, and Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi.

Mohsen Rezaee:

Mohsen is a conservative politician that’s a part of the Resistance Front of Islamic Iran. He holds a position as secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council. He ran for president in 2009, 2013, and 2021.

Abdolnasser Hemmati:

Abdolnasser is an academic and politician. He serves as a representative of Iran’s moderate wing of politicians. He’s affiliated with the Executives of Construction Party. This was his first year running in the elections, but he’s held political positions before.

Ebrahim Raisi:

Ebrahim is a conservative principalist. He’s affiliated with the Combatant Clergy Association. He also served as Iran’s first Chief of Justice.

Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi:

Amir-Hossein is a conservative politician. He’s a part of the Islamic Law party. He’s been a representative of the Mashhad and Kalat electoral district since 2008.

The Results:

Iran’s 2021 election had the lowest turnout in its history with a 42% turnout.

Ebrahim Raisi won the election. Out of the 28.9 million ballots received, Ebrahim won 17.9 million of them. However, some are questioning the validity of the results. Many believe that this election was rigged in his favor because approximately 4 million ballots were blank, yet counted as a vote in favor of his presidency.

Why are Iranians not happy about the results?

When Ebrahim served as Chief of Justice he executed many journalists and protestors. Iranian citizens are afraid that their freedom of speech will be limited and that they will face many restrictions.


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