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Why Social Entrepreneurship is the Key to Improving Our Economy

How can social entrepreneurship save us? To answer this question, we must first understand what social entrepreneurship is. Social entrepreneurship can be defined as an approach by individuals and/or companies to help tackle social, cultural, or environmental problems facing us in society. But, it is much more than that. Social entrepreneurship is a way of life. It’s realizing that when you are in a place of privilege and success, that it would be in the best interest of so many people for you to give back to your communities by taking action right from your home. Social entrepreneurs aren’t only concerned about the profits, but what good their products and services can do for their surrounding communities.

To put this into perspective, we can look towards some of the most famous social entrepreneurs of our time. Firstly, Elon Musk. Yes, believe it or not, Elon Musk is a pioneer of social entrepreneurship through Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. Elon has been pushing the limits on space exploration with the recent launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket carrying the company’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft to the International Space Station. Elon has been assisting the fight for clean, renewable energy through Tesla and a leading force in the increased popularity of electric-powered vehicles.

Another social entrepreneur you may have heard of is Marc Koska. After ten years of trial and error, Marc Koska has been designing and introducing inexpensive, non reusable syringes for underfunded clinics worldwide. Simply by redesigning the well-known syringe, Marc has been able to deliver 4 billion Auto-Disable syringes across 40 different countries. Overall, these two social entrepreneurs have continued to make advancements in their fields, and we can look to them as examples of significant social entrepreneurs in our society today.

Now that we understand what social entrepreneurship is, I want to explain further how social entrepreneurship can be used to help better our world. Social entrepreneurs are everywhere, and with the pushup and recognition they deserve, they can be inspired to do even more for their society. By encouraging social entrepreneurship and encouraging helping our communities, we can continue to see new and innovative designs that will help save our communities and planet. By promoting the social entrepreneurial mindset from an earl age, of helping others while making a business, we can help the kids of the current and future generations be leading voices in the fight against climate change, the fight for equal rights, the fight against animal cruelty, and so much more, right through their businesses.

By following the path of social entrepreneurship, we can change people’s lives by giving them jobs in our businesses, all while making and creating products that will go straight back into helping our communities. Overall, social entrepreneurship, especially during the dark times we are facing now, is a huge win-win for both sides (consumers and entrepreneurs) and will be a huge part of our future.

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