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Off-Screen Activities To Keep You Busy During Quarantine- Physical and Mental Health

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Being a teenager in 2020 is harder than ever before. Thanks to the pandemic, most of us are stuck indoors and attending online school. As a result, our screen time is rapidly rising, which brings about physical and mental health issues. But don’t worry, we have a solution! Listed below are nine off-screen activities that will make this fall much more fun and enjoyable. Whether you’re tired of homework or are hopelessly bored, there is something here for everyone!

  • Have a self-care night! We often become way too focused on everything else going on in the world and end up forgetting about ourselves. So, paint your nails, spend time outside, have a bubble bath, and go to bed early! This day is all about YOU!

  • Bake! While pumpkin bread and apple pie are fall staples, feel free to try anything you’d like. Baking with your family makes this even more fun, especially if you get to eat it after. We have several dessert ideas listed in our recipe book, so be sure to check that out!

  • Spend time outside. Getting some fresh air is an easy way to boost your mood, especially on a nice, sunny day. So, go on a walk and enjoy the scenery in your area! You'll thank us later

  • Redecorate your room! Bring out all of your cozy blankets, reorganize your desk or nightstand, or even make a trendy photo wall! All of these will help to refresh and personalize your space

  • See your friends - safely! It is best to stay outside, since the virus is much less likely to spread that way. However, it is still important to socially distance and/or wear a mask. Going on a picnic, attending a drive-in movie, and visiting an outdoor mall are all great ways to stay safe and have fun!

  • Stop procrastinating and get it done! Whatever “it” may be, quarantine is your chance to work on everything you’ve been procrastinating on. Whether it’s decluttering your closet or filling out college applications, get ahead on it now! Trust us, it’s worth it

  • Workout! Just because we can’t participate in school sports or go to the gym doesn’t mean that we must live an unhealthy lifestyle. Jogging around your neighborhood, following a yoga exercise, or playing tag with your siblings are all effective ways to boost your energy and mood. For more workout ideas, take a look at our exercise manual on the website!

  • Learn something new! Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Or speak a foreign language? Quarantine gives you the perfect opportunity to develop plenty of these life skills

  • Give back. As Thanksgiving approaches, it would be very meaningful for you and your family to show your gratitude and support to first responders, the armed forces, and more. Also, be sure to consider helping those who are affected most by the pandemic, such as people in nursing homes and those who are terminally ill. Write a letter, create a work of art, or donate to credible charities who focus on an area you are passionate about.

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