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Op-Ed: Mark Meadows’ Role in the January 6th Attacks on the US Capitol

On 6 January 2021, a mob of former President Trump’s supporters attacked the US Capitol building to overturn Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election to Joseph Biden at Trump’s request. The Capitol Complex had to be on lock down and staff evacuated, while rioters vandalized property, assaulted law enforcement, and occupied the building. Several people were injured, and some people even died. Yet, Trump denies this act was an act of domestic terrorism, and new evidence has arisen that shows the Trump administration went against advice to forestall this tragedy.

Now, the House of Representatives is to vote on whether Mark Meadows should be deferred to the Department of Justice for failing to appear before a committee dealing with the January 6 insurrection. Meadows had claimed he did not have to appear before the committee. However, texts to Meadows, the then White House chief of staff, reveal many Fox News personalities and Trump’s children dissuaded Trump.

The committee released its contempt report on 12 December 2021, showing Meadows’s role in the 6 January riot. Meadows sent a private email to an individual, stating the National Guard would protect Trump supporters, and even sent texts and provided guidance to an organizer of the insurgency. The report notes Meadows was directly involved in attempting to overturn election results in swing states Trump lost and promoted voter fraud fallacies. The committee is continuing with investigations on the riot.

Meadows is just one of the many officials facing possible referral from the committee. Steve Bannon has already had a criminal report approved for refusing to comply with a subpoena (a writ ordering someone to court) deadline. Jeffrey Clark, a former Department of Justice official, is held in contempt, but has been given another chance for trial as he pleads the Fifth.

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