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Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Updated: Aug 10

Rohingya Muslims are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group that are victims of Ultranationalist, Islamophobic persecutions and hate crimes. There have been two phases of this Genocide. One occurring from October, 2016- January 2017 and another one that’s been happening since August 2017. This has forced over a million Rohingya Muslims out of Myanmar. Both the the military led government and Aung San Suu Kyi—leader of the NLD party, have denied and rejected allegations of commiting mass Genocide. However, statistics show otherwise, 24,000 were killed, 18,000 were raped, and 116,000 were beaten. Rohingya hatred is rooted in the belief that they’re illegal immigrants. The government has a long history of hatred and mistreatment towards Rohingya people. That’s why the attacks on Burmese border police by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, are used to justify the ongoing Genocide of the Rohingya people. ARSA only attacked them because soldiers were killing and raping Rohingya citizens in Rakhine. However, the Myanmar government and Anti-Terrorism Committee have accused ARSA of being a terrorist group. Since the government has supported the Anti-Terrorism Committee’s claims, they’ve been able to get away with an ethnic-cleansing that has forced most of the Roghingya Muslims out of Myanmar.

Organizations that aid Rohingya Muslims:

World Vision: They provide aid to over 400,000 Rohingya Muslims in all 34 refugee camps. GlobalGiving: They provide healthcare services to Rohingya refugees.

RISE FOR ROHINGYA: A nonprofit campaign that aims to positively impact the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh.


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