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The Biden Administration's Historic Inauguration: Op-Ed- Current Events

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

On January 20th, 2021, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the US Capitol. Harris made history as the primary female, to be of black and south Asian descent to become vice president. Biden marked his first day in office by signing several executive orders, ranging from immigration, mask mandates, and rejoining the Paris climate accord. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, and he was the first president in 150 years to not attend his successor's introduction. Kamala Harris presently holds the refinement of being the highest-level chosen lady, and also being black and South Asian, within the history of the nation. Her race to the vice administration may be a breakthrough within the story of women’s advancing part in American legislative issues as well as in our nation’s history. Her win puts to rest the address of the electability of ladies to the highest office, a question that frequented both the ladies and individuals of color who ran for the Majority rule assignment this cycle. To young girls of all different backgrounds, this win means a lot for the future, because it shows anything is possible, and women too can be elected into office. The Biden-Harris team has a lot of plants to control Covid-19. The first 100 days of the Biden-Harris presidency consists of a push to create a $1.9 trillion-dollar covid-relief plan, this also includes investing $20 billion in a National Vaccine Program and 50 billion dollars for testing all over the country. President Joe Biden marked an official arrangement to have rejoined the Paris climate agreement, the biggest universal exertion to control worldwide global-warming. The U.S. played an expansive part in making the 2015 assertion. It points to avoid the foremost disastrous climate alter scenarios by keeping normal worldwide temperatures from rising no more than 2 degrees Celsius, and ideally less than 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2100, compared to pre-industrial times. Worldwide temperatures have as of now expanded by a small more than one degree Celsius.

Though Biden has signed multiple executive orders on immigration, the one that affects the youth is protecting the "Dreamers" program for undocumented young Americans. This order allows for the millions of young undocumented, who brought to America as a child to be granted Citizenship and protection from being deported. This allows for millions to get a higher education, job, and live a better life. The Biden-Harris team has already done so much in just one day, and the country will see what happens in the coming days of their presidency. The impeachment trial for Donald Trump has been moved to February. Though the House of Representatives has already impeached Donald Trump, now it is up to the Senate to charge the president with a crime. If Donald Trump gets charged by the senate that means he will not be able to run for office in 2024. Donald Trump was the first president in over 150 years to not attend the inauguration of the incoming president. He also is the first president to lose the House, Senate, and presidential office in over 100 years. He did promise at his farewell address to be back in the office but we will see how that pans out over the next four years. A lot has happened on the day of the inauguration and it will be exciting to see what the next four years will bring.

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