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The Variety Club- An Opportunity for Teens- Youth Initiative/Empowerment

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The Variety Club is a non-profit organization focused on creating better lives for children and young adults who suffer from disabilities. They serve in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and there are many ways for young people to get involved. In the summer, they hold camps where teens can volunteer and become camp counselors, where they do activities like painting, swimming, games, and many fun outdoor activities. This organization strives to give disabled people a fun place to be, where they won’t be discriminated against for their disability. Aside from directly working with the children, there are other ways to get involved like planning events, helping to maintain buildings, or creating marketing materials to increase awareness. There are many ways to get directly involved and help create a safe environment for disabled children and young adults and help teach them to become more independent through the social, educational, and vocational program Variety Club offers.

Getting involved at a young age can be extremely rewarding and impactful, and helping people is always something to look forward to. Volunteering at Variety Club can be very helpful at teaching skills like patience, organization, and perseverance. Learning how to interact with people of different ages, backgrounds, and conditions give perspective on how to be tolerant and understanding. Volunteering at organizations like Variety Club also looks very good on college applications because it shows students’ ability to work with others that may not be at the same level. It is a great way to do community service and give back to the community. The Variety Club is a great place for teenagers to volunteer and help serve disabled children and young adults.

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