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Tips For A Relaxing Spring Break

Spring break is approaching for many students around the nation including myself. Students have been working so hard through remote learning. It isn’t easy to adjust yourself to a new environment especially with this environment not even being in school. After attending classes for the last few months this is definitely a break that is well needed. I’m sure teachers are just as excited for Spring break too! Teachers have to make lesson plans that keep their students engaged and teach students along the way. Some schools are hybrid so they have to pay attention to both online students and in-person students. Students and teachers need a round of applause for their astounding work. Now we can look forward to Spring Break. Here are some things to keep in mind over break:

Limit your screen time-

Most of you spend a lot of your time on screens all day whether it be for zoom, online work, video calls, texting, social media, and other types of entertainment. I don’t know about your houses, but go around and check your families’ screen time. It’s crazy! My mom has about 10 hours of screen time on average. My sisters and I spend about 8 hours. We are supposed to be sleeping 8-10 hours and not be on a screen for that long! It was a big eye-opener. I suggest that we close our phones and laptops and take a step outside. Just 30 minutes a day will be enough. It has been scientifically proven that doing this every day will be a mood booster, it reduces stress, and it gives you an energy boost. It’s only 30 minutes of your 24 hours. Honestly, if you ask me it’s something of such small effort but has tremendous benefits for the mind and the body.

Spend time with friends and family-

Some people haven’t seen their families and friends in a while due to the pandemic. However, communication with people is very important when it comes to your mental health. Connection with others reduces stress and depression. Trust me, I know we’ve all been feeling down being stuck at home. Of course, if and when you are meeting with anyone it is extremely important to be socially distanced. You should be wearing a mask at all times, be 6 feet away from each other and be sanitary. Also, remember to make sure you or the people you are meeting have not been exposed or have the symptoms of the coronavirus. Stay safe and have fun.

I wish you all an amazing Spring break!

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