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Washington Nationals Game Shooting

Imagine this: You are at a baseball game. It is the sixth inning. You’re munching on peanuts, enjoying time spent with family and friends. All of a sudden, you hear a piercing noise. Presuming a firecracker erupted, you scan the stadium and notice the park staff moving in a concerned manner. Immediately, you realize the situation is much worse than you expected (Karl Finch).

On July 17th, at a game between the San Diego Padres and Washington Nationals, an exchange of gunfire took place between two cars outside of the stadium. Three individuals were injured, including one woman attending the game who was shot outside of the stadium. Luckily, her injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Many fans originally believed the shooter was inside the premises. Arman Ramath, a recent law school graduate, said the situation felt “very surreal.” Ted Borenstein, celebrating his girlfriend's birthday at the game, stated he was “taken aback” and “scared.”

Across the stadium, from behind the dugout to the highest stands, people began behaving frantically, rushing towards the exits and sprinting for the dugout. Manny Machado, Wil Myers, and Jurikson Profar, players for the San Diego Padres, pulled family members and fans out of the stands to shelter them in the dugout. Ann Plaza said her group wound up in the clubhouse near Manager Dave Martinez’s office, “[Martinez] was there, checking on everyone,” “A security guard came and asked if we were family. He said, ‘Yes, they are family — they’re our fans.’

The police are still investigating the motives of the shooters, but it is believed to be unrelated to the game. The game is now halted until Sunday afternoon with more security present. During a time of crisis, many appreciated the kind gestures of the Padres players and Dave Martinez. Such a heartwarming act of humility will never be forgotten.


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