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Welcome to our college prep page. Here, you'll find concise, helpful guides for the various aspects of high school and college preparation. This section is updated periodically, so stay tuned! 


Before you start building up your application, it's important that you understand what the Common App is and how it works. The Common App, or Common Application, is an application that high schoolers can use to apply to any of the 800+ colleges and universities that accept it. With the Common App, you can apply to schools in the U.S.A, Canada, China, Japan, and many countries in Europe. Here, we'll give you some information about the Common App and what it looks like. 

College Student
Student Life



It can be hard to figure out what people mean by 'extracurriculars'.Click below for tips, resources, and more!


Learn how to choose the courses that are right for you. Pick classes that are challenging, but not impossible, and courses that will prepare you for your career aspirations. 

Students in a Science Class
Students Taking Exams


Standardized testing isn't as scary as it seems. Find study tips and practice resources that will make the process easier for you here!

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