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5 Things To Do If You Are Bored at Home

As many countries are seeing a surge in COVID-19, many of us have found ourselves stuck at home. While lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have given us lots of free time to relax and have allowed us to take a break from our usually busy lives, many of us are uncertain of what to do with all this free time. If you ever find yourself bored and unproductive and are looking for something to do at home, hopefully, this list of “5 things to do if you are bored at home” will help you beat your boredom!

1. Learn to draw!

  • There are so many great youtube channels for beginner artists. Learn to draw objects, landscapes, superheroes, and real-life people! Some of my channel recommendations for beginner artists are “Draw It, Too!” and “Farjana Drawing Academy”.

2. Do a puzzle.

  • Puzzles are a great way to relax while exercising your brain, and it is a great activity to do with your family. Challenge yourself to complete all the puzzles lying around your house!

3. Read a book!

  • Although book stores or libraries may be closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can purchase e-books online. Try a new genre or search for a popular read on Goodreads. For teens, I personally recommend “The Hate U Give” written by Angie Thomas. It is a great novel that focuses on the theme of racism, which is, unfortunately, a prominent issue today.

4. Go for a walk/run.

  • Staying inside your home all day can be detrimental to one's mental health. It is important to get fresh air every day. Going on a walk, jog, or a run for even just 15 minutes is a great way to do so while also staying active. Visit nearby trails and parks while still following COVID-19 protocols!

5. Cook/bake!

  • Now that you have more time on your hands, why not try to tackle new recipes? You can check out “” for thousands of meal and dessert recipes. If you are missing your local bakery and restaurants during this pandemic, this is the perfect activity for you!

Hopefully, this list of activities will help you beat your boredom during this pandemic. Although lockdowns and stay-at-home orders can be tough, continue to follow COVID-19 protocols, and try to occupy yourself and stay positive! Stay in touch with your loved ones virtually, and make sure to get fresh air and exercise every single day! We will all get through this together.

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