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Growing as a Writer- Tips From a Teen Author

To write means more than to put pretty words on a page, the act of writing is to share a piece of your soul with the world. It's about telling stories and changing lives.

To write is to have the ability to express your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, and that’s a skill we all must have. Now many of you must be wondering, how can I learn or master this skill? The following will be your guide through it. I myself have written 2 books so far and have had my works published in magazines and international blogs. So, let me take you on the trip to be a better writer!

Image Credit: Marcos Paulo Prado

Tip 1: Write! Write as much as you can!

I know this might sound obvious, but one must have regular and continuous practice to grow as a writer. Practice makes one perfect, and this universal truth applies in the field of writing too. As an author, I make a habit to write at least one page a day. If you do the same, you’ll have 365 pages of writing in a year! So honestly, write! Pour your heart out!

Tip 2: Read! Read! And Read!

Much like, to be an athlete you must have stamina, to be a writer you must be a reader. Reading helps you develop the knack for words and phrases. You learn new techniques and ways to present your thoughts. In fact, it was my reading as a kid that helped me develop a knowledge of words and writing. If i wasn't a reader, i would never have been able to be a writer!

Tip 3: Visualize!

Before writing something, take a moment and close your eyes, and imagine! Imagine your characters. Where are they? What do they look like? What are they feeling?

Visualization helps put thoughts in clarity and helps paint a picture.

It also helps with description, because it's easier to describe something you are seeing or imagining. While I was writing my second novel TRUCE, I had a broad idea of what the characters looked like and their personality. It really helped!

Tip 4: Step into the shoes of the character

Do not tell the character’s story, tell your story through the character. Any writing written from the heart is always good, trust me. Do not be an author while writing a story, be the character telling his own story. How would you feel if people troubled you? How do you feel while hanging out with friends? Writing is all about expressing emotions vividly.

Be the character and write. Imagine yourself in that situation and write your honest thoughts.

Tip 5: Be passionate about what you write

Be passionate about climate change before you write an article on it. Any writing that stems from the heart is always good. Love the topic and write!

“It’s never too late to write your best story!” So pick up that pen and get writing!

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