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I Won the 2021 Astudia Youth Global Art Competition

Image credit: Fizzah Ali (@thearthall_)

As you may already know, the winner of the 2021 AYGAC was Fizzah Ali, a seventeen-year-old from Lahore, Pakistan. See her artwork below and read about the inspiration behind it.

"Ever since I have been made aware of social injustice, I have grown more interested in learning about it. I aspire to spread awareness about such issues through my work. Racial discrimination is one of the most alarming injustices displayed in societies. My theme also incorporated the issue of bullying, which is unfortunately commonplace. The idea to depict this theme through vegetables bullying other vegetables was to show that people get bullied for the way they are born. One’s skin colour is something that they cannot change, and more importantly should not want to change. I wish to live in a society where your skin colour does not determine your social status. I will continue to learn and inspire others through my work."

-Fizzah Ali

Above is her piece, titled “Racial Discrimination”. Heart this blog post to show your support for this talented young artist, and leave a comment down below! Check out her Instagram, @thearthall_ to see more of her work.

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