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Music Therapy

Whenever we ask someone about their hobbies, almost everyone mentions listening to music. Everyone is very fond of music because it helps us with many things like relaxing, enjoying, expressing our feelings, communicating, etc. It is a very good method to elevate our mood and stimulate our memory. Whenever we listen to music, our heartbeat tends to match the music we are listening to and helps the blood flow more easily. Did you know that music is used to cure illnesses and stress issues? Music therapy is the clinical use of music to address a variety of healthcare goals.

Music therapy helps us physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally.

A Few of its benefits are:

-It lowers blood pressure

-It calms our mind

-It improves our memory

-It motivates us

-It helps with soothing pain

Music therapy can be used for various people like, Patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, since like mentioned earlier, music stimulates our memory and helps with expressing our thoughts and/or feelings. Music Therapy also really helps people with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, stress issues, etc. It helps us cope with any traumatic past as well.

What exactly do we do during Music Therapy?

During Music Therapy, you get to compose music, write lyrics, and express your bottled-up emotions, use instruments, or even sing songs or music of your own choice. Some people also just listen to a few songs, ease their stress, enjoy the music. Many people like to discuss and evaluate the lyrics of the songs, understand them, or relate them to their own experiences or lives.

However, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, likewise, even music has its cons, although quite a few, like triggering bad memories or getting motivated to make quick or bad decisions, which is why music therapists are certified experts who know what type of music exactly is right for the person based on their taste of music, requirements, etc.

Regardless, Music Therapy is definitely very effective. Patients are responsive and have a success rate of 78% It is also said that Music Therapy and music in general, make our brains work more effectively and improves our intelligence. But music is obviously not only for our mental health. It also helps us improve our relationships with our family members or our friends and is played at almost all weddings, gatherings, etc because it brings people together.

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