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The Impact of Computer Science

Computer science affects almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. From medicine to our economy, we experience the good and the bad that comes out of utilizing this type of technology. I’m writing this to discuss with readers four major topics relating to computer science: how computers affect the economy, fields of study benefitting from this area of study, the 2 highest paying computer programming languages, and where those languages are used and why. Let’s dive into further detail.

Computer science shapes the US economy greatly. Small businesses, a significant part of our economy, benefit from this mainly through social media, borne through computer science. Social media gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to directly reach customers without having to pay for advertisements. These small businesses then employ workers, which enables the flow of money through the economy. The middle class is usually the class that invests back into the economy and keeps the money flowing through the economic circle, so giving these businesses tools, such as Instagram and Twitter, aids the economy and the job growth rate in the US. (6)

Albeit, there are also negative effects on the economy that come with computer science. Automation is a huge factor of job loss in factories and manufacturing plants. People are not needed to fill those specific job positions anymore due to machinery, so they face unemployment. This is a very big problem for occupations such as factory workers, call center workers, and even truck drivers. This is a definite factor that we must consider in the future, recognizing that this issue will only get worse due to the advances we are continuing to take in the computer science field. (7)

There are many fields of study that are impacted by the study of computers and their science as well. Medicine and healthcare are one industry that is transformed by the study of computers. Doctors are now able to record or recurve patient data instantly, helping them give accurate and relevant solutions to the patient’s needs. Computer software in this field of study also helps speed up processes getting rid of physical paperwork. (1) The causal research behind medicine is also changed by computer science. Not only have computer and software problems led to the testing and curing of diseases and infections, they have also saved lives that would be lost without the proper mechanical technology that we take for granted. Oxygen masks and exterior oxygen defibrillators are life-saving innovations that were possible due to computer science. (1)

Another area of research or field that has been even more greatly influenced by the development of computer science is politics. Now, some may be wondering, how do those two things have anything to do with each other? Politics and computers? Well, they may have a deeper connection than we realize. Let me start by asking one question: What is a major tool that is used to get a politician's message out into the world that is almost a necessity today? Social media. How did we end up with this presence called social media in the first place? Computer science. (2)

Social media is a necessity for almost any government leader or public office holder. It is increasingly popular for politicians to use platforms-- such as YouTube-- to make and promote advertisements without paying for them, and, on top of that, make money if their account is monetized. Twitter and Instagram have become even more popular within the past couple of years to promote ads and views, as well as show support through followers and responses to posts. As you can see, computer science plays key roles in fields we may not even suspect, ranging from medicine to politics, so it will be interesting to see new advances in this science. (2)

There are thousands of programming languages that programmers and IT workers use in the world, and I wanted to talk about 2 specific languages that are popular and used for a variety of reasons. The first language is Python. Python is a very popular language used in application designing due to its subject oriented programming and the fact that it is compatible with the majority of major platforms and systems. Python is also very easy to read and can be duplicated on other platforms easily, making it simple and efficient to use. Some applications in which Python is used include machine learning, face detection, and color detection. (3)

Another software that I’d like to explain is Java. Java is actually closer to you than you may think: every application in an Android phone is written in Java. Java is intended to give application developers the advantage of ‘write once, run anywhere.’ This means that the compiled Java code can be run on any Java accepting platform without having to be recompiled. (4)

Now, a huge aspect of when people consider applying for an IT or computer science related job is the pay. Most people may follow the simple logic that the biggest, most well-known languages would pay the best, but in this case, it is best to look at it the other way around. In this day and age, with increasing competition on these big platforms, it may be best to look for smaller lesser known languages with equal demand in the workplace.

Two of these languages that are not well-known, but just as needed, are Go and Scala. From the start, both languages were utilized by big corporations: Go was used by Google, Adobe, and even Facebook, while Scala was mainly used by Twitter, Netflix, and LinkedIn. (5) But, these languages have been expanding rapidly. Since 2009 alone, reports have shown that these languages have grown by 1,200%. Mid-sized companies, and even small startups, are finding ways to incorporate these two languages into their systems. Now when it comes to the salary, according to the 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey and Stack Overflow Trends analysis, both languages have an average pay of $110,000, with growing income as you progress through your career with these programs.

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